How to take care of your merino wool scarf

All Passionfruit and Lemonade scarves are made of 100% extra fine merino wool.

Please note that it is best to refresh and air your scarf regularly so it does not need to be washed often.


Your scarf can be refreshed after wearing or unpacking by laying it in a steamy bathroom for a few hours. The moisture from the steam has a cleansing effect on wool and it will remove odours and wrinkles.


Your scarf can also be aired to remove odours by laying it flat on a bed or towel for a few hours.


Your scarf is best washed by hand at a water temperature no higher than 30°C.

  • Dissolve a few drops of fine detergent in plenty of water and soak your scarf for about 10 minutes.
  • Rinse your scarf with cold water. Do not rub, pull and wring out!!
  • Carefully role your scarf into a towel to press the superfluous water out.

If you have a special wool cycle on your washing machine it is usually safe to use that instead of washing your scarf by hand. Please wash separately and follow your machines instructions carefully, make sure the water temperature is no higher than 30°C and it spins at a very low speed, or not at all.

Please note that Passionfruit and Lemonade is not responsible for any damage your washing machine may cause to your wool item.


Your scarf should always be dried flat. Please avoid direct sunlight and heat when drying your scarf.


Your scarf is best stored folded, hanging it for long periods of time may cause it to lose its shape. Merino wool is a natural fiber, so make sure your closet is free of moths. If you use a moth repellent, do not place it directly on the garment. For long term storage, please make sure your scarf is clean before packing it in airtight bags or containers.


Pilling is a natural process which occurs in all natural yarns after a certain period of wear. Pilling is caused by abrasive stress during wear, or by static electricity build-up underneath outer garments. The protruding fiber ends become knotted together and form so called 'pills'. These can either be picked off, or ideally shaved away using a wool razor. Soft, higher-grade yarns are more susceptible to pilling than rustic-type materials.

Care Instructions:



Passionfruit and Lemonade uses yarn that carries the Woolmark Extra Fine logo. For more detailed care instructions on how to take care of woolen items we would like to refer you to


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