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Luxurious knit scarf. Passionfruit and Lemonade

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Passionfruit + Lemonade

Contemporary knitwear for fashion and home  |  Handmade in the Netherlands

A gorgeous baby gift set with an
Organic cotton blanket
Hand knitted in a small studio near Leiden, the Netherlands
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What our customers say about our baby blankets

I love the custom made baby blanket we received as a gift for our daughter a few years ago!

So much so, that I recently used the pattern and colour combination as inspiration for our sons nursery.

Custom made organic cotton baby blanket. Black and white geometric pattern
Sunette Caplin
South Africa

We absolutely love our son's blanket and use it all the time.

It is top quality, super soft and easy to care for!

Baby wrapped in a yellow and white organic cotton baby blanket. Passionfruit and Lemonade
Wies van der Zee

So happy with this baby blanket from Passionfruit and Lemonade!

Lovely soft materials in beautiful colors and the blanket is large enough to wrap your baby in completely.

A gorgeous gift (for yourself)!

Newborn baby wrapped in a mint green and white organic cotton baby blanket. Passionfruit and Lemonade
Anouk Litjens
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Discover Passionfruit and Lemonade's first collection of incredibly soft, luxurious scarves. Their generous size, vibrant colours and bold patterns are a unique finishing touch to any wardrobe.

Luxurious scarf Nomalanga artfully displayed by Brazilian model and dancer Fernanda Santana

An expression of love

What customers say about our scarves

The colours and patterns are incredible and fit with my whole wardrobe. I love that my custom made scarf is authentic and exclusive. I will definitely order again.

Customer review of a luxurious custom made Passionfruit and Lemonade infinity scarf
Justin Rondganger

My scarf is so beautiful, snuggly and warm!

Customer review of the luxurious black and white patterned scarf Khwezi
Amanda Thompson
United Kingdom

My custom made Passionfruit and Lemonade scarf arrived and it is so much prettier than I had been imagining!!

Also soft as a chinchilla's butt and it smells like heaven.

If you are looking for a super cozy gift for someone, can't recommend it enough!

Customer review of a luxurious custom made extra fine merino wool scarf
Lidija Paradinovic

My two favorite scarves are made by Passionfruit + Lemonade (one was made especially for me, the other one is a beautiful Monwabisi).

I love their colours, their softness and quality. I can wear these scarves every day but also for special occasions.

Thanks Ellen, for your creativity and exclusive products!

Catherine Carabas

The best thing about this scarf is when people say: 'You're looking gorgeous in your Monwabisi!'


My scarf is unique, soft and the colours and patterns are amazing.


I like that I can style my scarf in many different ways (due to its size).

Customer review of the luxurious oversized Passionfruit and Lemonade scarf Monwabisi
Bisi Bangiwe
South Africa

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